Mission Statement:  

THE SALVATION ARMY exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world


  • Spiritual Development - A place where people find Jesus Christ and grow spiritually.
  • Fellowship - A community where we feel that we belong and are valued.
  • Outreach - A church that is growing as it reaches out to others with the gospel of Jesus.
  • Youth - A place that gives priority to reaching out to youth and offers services and activities that are interest to them.



  • Administrative/Volunteer Coordinator - Linda Rumsby
  • Community & Family Services Worker - Lillian Bowles
  • Community Services Program Supervisor - Tess Ayles-Hutt
  • Cook - Deb Martin
  • Janitor - Vilma Gonzales
  • Senior Program Services Worker (First Nations) - Cheryl Jones
  • Thrift Store Manager - Scott Concordia
  • Thrift Store Worker - Cindy Day
  • Thrift Store Worker - Jan Wilkinson
  • Thrift Store Worker - Jon Jasper-Lawless
  • Thrift Store Worker - Shannon Blyth
  • Trades Start Carpenter - Rick Martin
  • Youth Support Worker - Nicole Jasper-Lawless

Captain Dwight Millar & Captain R. Mary Millar