Camp @ Home – This is a vacation bible school for children ages 5 to 12. It takes place over the course of a week in the summer time. There is a team that provide impactful lessons from the bible. The team also puts on energetic themes and skits for the children to respond to. The children also take daily crafts and trips to the local pool to cool off. This is a splendid opportunity to meet and minister to children in the community. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to meet their peers in a safe place.

Jackson’s Point – Fresh Air Camps, this program is designed to send children to camp that may not otherwise have the opportunity. The impact of sending children to camp is tremendous. The children have many learning opportunities including learning about the environment, peers and themselves when they are away at camp. It provides a growing experience for every child. Also the children have the opportunity to offset expenses to send them to camp through different fundraisers. The camp program has proven to be an empowering opportunity for children in the community.

Mom’s n Tot’s Camp

Junior Music Camp – This as an opportunity to have children in the community follow the passion of making music. Through this musical experience friendships can be forged and strengthening of all the children’s own sense of self can be done. Through interactive programming with music, drama, dance, crafts, puppetry and sports the children grow as people. Without the work of the community the kids involved in these camps would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend camp.